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The Boynton Beach CRA works closely with the City’s Planning and Zoning Division and private consultants to create redevelopment plans designed to add new value and appeal to areas within the CRA District. The planning process often includes various workshops and community meetings that give residents, businesses and other stakeholders the opportunity to define problems, sharpen strategies and identify solutions. Once the collaborative process results in a definitive plan, it is forwarded to the City Commission for formal adoption.

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2016 Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Plan (21 MB)

Boynton Harbor Marina Plan 

Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Economic Development Plan (434 KB) 
The Economic Development Plan sets forth the activities that will lead to a revived downtown Boynton Beach.

Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Plan 1983  (6.1 MB)
Original resolution created by the City of Boynton Beach to identify and redevelop blighted areas.

Boynton Beach Housing (22.4 MB)
The CRA teamed up with the Florida International University Metropolitan Center to conduct a Housing Needs Assessment.

City of Boynton Beach Development Statistics and Demographics (6.83 MB)
The City’s Development Atlas provides annual economic and demographic data on the City.

Downtown Master Plan (23.6 MB)

Downtown Parking Presentation (868 KB)
Parking for Future Growth

Financial Feasibility Analysis of MLK Corridor Proposal (114KB)
Financial Feasibility Analysis

Heart of Boynton Redevelopment Plan
The Heart of Boynton Community Redevelopment Plan provides guidance to the future development of this 420 acre neighborhood. 
Economic Analysis:

Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council summary (6.6 MB)
Schematics (3.7 MB)

Ocean District Plan (6.92 MB)
The Ocean District Community Redevelopment Plan covers the area west of Federal Highway to Seacrest Boulevard and from N.E. 3rd Ave to S.E. 2nd Ave.

Retail Demand Analysis (13 KB)
The Retail Demand Analysis was conducted to determine how much retail space the CRA could reasonably support.

Sara Sims Park (18 MB)
Master planning summary report.

Seacrest Boulevard Streetscape Project (23.6 MB)
Joint CRA and City project to redesign major county road. Improvements to include new sidewalks, landscaping and street lighting.

TCEA Justification ( 21.8 MB)
The Transportation Concurrency Exception Area allows redevelopment of a downtown area exception from agreed upon road requirements.

Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council Presentation on Heart of Boynton (406 KB) 
Key Findings and Recommendations: Market Analysis Update on H.O.B.

Updated Federal Highway Plan (8 MB)
Community Redevelopment Plan

Urban Design Guidelines (18 KB)
Guidelines are an architectural reference guide for new development to ensure conformity to the adopted Community Redevelopment Plans.

City of Boynton Beach Ordinance 07-008 (Disclosure of Lobbying) (111 KB)

The Development Atlas of the City of Boynton Beach (6 MB)


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