Boynton Beach Police trying new approach
Thursday, 03 March 2016 22:26

By Al Pefley Wednesday, March 2nd 2016
CBS12 news

BOYNTON BEACH (CBS12) — Boynton Beach Police are taking to the streets in one area of the city in a new way.
The area has been the scene recent violence.
But police hope to change that.
"I've got 57 miles on this thing, I've been burning it up," said Boynton Beach Police Sgt. Henry Diehl, as he rode along on a Segway.
Diehl and Officer Terrance Paramore have traded in their squad cars for Segways, and they're working a new assignment.
"The whole area is a challenge and that's what I'm looking forward to is the challenge of breaking down these barriers," said Diehl.
The officers are patrolling a central section in the heart of Boynton Beach, several square miles in size, between Interstate 95 and Federal Highway. It's an area that has seen its share of shootings and violence.
They'll also be walking a beat in an area of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., bringing back a traditional way of policing.
"We want to change things, we want to have people to where they're comfortable to talk to us," Paramore said.
When they're out on foot, police hope they'll have more chances to throw around a football, chit chat with people, get to know them. Instead of just driving by in a squad car.
Will it work? Some are skeptical.
"Ain't really much is gonna change you know what I'm saying? That's life," said Kaeshwan Daughtry, a Boynton Beach resident.
But others say to have police walking a beat here is a "step" in the right direction.
"What do you hope may change? There won't be too much crime like shootin' and the young people. I believe it's really gonna help," said Verna Johnson, another Boynton Beach resident.
For right now there will only be two officers here walking the beat and riding the Segways but they hope to get at least two more officers in the months to come.

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